• The Journal of Biotechnology and Crop Science is an open access and peer reviewed journal. It publishes original research papers involved in the field of Crop science including Crop Physiology, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Biochemistry, Biology and Soil Science of all the cultivated crops. The Journal also publishes research articles on topics related to the production science of field crops and resource plants, including cropping systems, sustainable agriculture, environmental change, post-harvest management, biodiversity, crop improvement, and recent advances in physiology and molecular biology. Also, the covered are related subjects in a wide range of sciences such as the ecological and physiological aspects of crop production and genetic, breeding, and biotechnological approaches for crop improvement. The primary criteria for publication are that need not only to meet specific interests of Crop Scientist and Bio-technologist, but also to satisfy the population of this journal who are engaging the development and marketing of seed industry.