Vol.8 : Number 12
Available sulphur assessment in various GPS location of Myorepur block, district Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Author(s): Shishu Pal Singh, Shivraj Singh, Priyanka Raha, Rima Kumari

The present study was carried out to determine the available sulphur status in soils of Myorepur block of district shonbhadra Utter Pradesh. For this purpose thirty soil samples (0-15 cm depth) were randomly collected from 30 different GPS locations. All the collected soil samples were analyzed for pH, Electrical Conductivity, Organic Carbon, available sulphur as per standard procedures. The available S content in soils varied from 11.60-33.30 kgha-1 with a mean value 21.39 kgha-1. Results reveal that the 90 per cent of the soil samples were found under low category (< 22.4 kgha-1) as per nutrients index value. Nutrient Index Value (NIV) of shonbhadra district was below 1.67 due to acidic soil reaction and low content of organic matter in soil and also due to continuous removal of sulphur by the crops for intense cultivation without using sulphur fertilization. Therefore, amelioration of soil acidity and organic matter improvement as well as regular use of sulphur fertilizer is imperative for reducing sulphur deficiency for crops. Soils would highly need sulphur management through addition of inorganic S, organic manures or sulphonated compost and biocomposts or gypsum, sulphur - solubilizing microbes.  


Key Word : Available sulphur, Nutrient index value, Nutrient management, Soil analysis 

Country: India