Vol.8 : Number 12
Conservation of endangered and exotic trees of Bokaro district

Author(s): Sarita Kumari

Bokaro is a district of Jharkhand state of India. As this area was under dense forest cover with high biodiversity, it attracted a number of workers of different part of the world for the study of flora and fauna. In environment the trees contribute to providing oxygen, improving air quality, climatic condition, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife.  During the early stage of civilization man has been dependent on plants. The plants  produces most of our food, shelter, clothing, fuel, medicine, paper and  the green plants are utilizing energy from the sun. Due to industrialization (Bokaro Steel Limited (BSL) and urbanization its flora has been affected and most of the trees has been lost. In this regard BSL has attempted to restore the atmospheric climatic condition and in this way they have planted many exotic species. Some trees of Bokaro district are endangered. 

Key Words: Conservation, Exotic trees 

Country: India