Vol.8 : Number 12
Isolation of Trichoderma spp. from various types of soil and its application in bioconversion of solid waste material

Author(s): Varsha Rani, Khalkar Chaitali, Rima Kumari

Trichoderma is a free-living fungus having high potential for soil born disease management in plants which are commonly found in soil and root ecosystem. It has a tendency to increase the growth of plant by bio-conversion of solid waste and reduce the growth of pathogen by competition mechanism. In this work, we isolated fungi from different type of samples like garden soil, farm soil and kitchen waste and after their characterization we found that the isolated strain was Trichoderma harzianum. This Trichoderma spp. showed their massive growth very well in Czepakdox agar and potato dextrose agar media in slightly basic condition after incubation of 7 days. Further, the isolated Trichoderma spp. was evaluated as bio-conversing agent for solid waste into compost and their use as crop growth improvement. This work was conducted in vitro condition in which, bio-conversion of solid waste by Trichoderma sp. were showed the maximum height and weight losses to 40 and 30% respectively after 1 month of composting. Thus, the compost formed by bioconversion technique of Trichoderma improves the yield of crops. 

Key Words: Bio-conversion, compost, solid waste, Trichoderma spp. 

Country: India