Vol.8 : Number 13
Screening of mungbean germplasm against whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

Author(s): Gurdeep Singh, Manish Kumar Yadav, Abhay Kumar, Radha Binod Singh

The present study was carried out to access the susceptibility/resistance of fifty mungbean germplasm against Bemisia tabaci. Among the germplasm screened, none of the germplasm was found free from white fly population, both at 50% flowering and 50% pod maturity stage. The maximum whitefly population at 50% flowering and 50% pod maturity stage was recorded in germplasm SUM14-7 (2.50 whitefly per plant) and NDM97-2 (1.95 whitefly per plant), respectively. However, some germplasm viz., KM 13-47, PUSA0672, PUSA0871, PUSA1331, PUSA1332, PUSA1441 and PUSA9531 showed resistance against whitefly. 

Country: India