Vol.8 : Number 13
Performance of maize-wheat cropping system under different doses of fertilizer with soil conditioners

Author(s): Piush Singh, PC Singh, SK Chaubey, Ajit Singh, Arun Kumar, VP Dwivedi, Ram Pyare, JK Tiwari

The present experiments were carried out in tow consecutive year of Kharif and Rabi season of 2003-04 and 2004-05 at Agriculture Research Farm of Shri Durga Ji Post Graduate College Chandeshwar Azamgarh under afflicted Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (UP) with a view to find out the production potential of maize-wheat cropping system under different fertilizer doses with soil conditions. The results revealed that the wheat grain equivalent yield was maximum of 79.86 q/ha with FYM application while gypsum reduced 75.29 q/ha minimum equivalent yield of 72.50 q/ha was recorded in control treatment. The gross income or Rs. 63159 and Rs. 63878 /ha and net profit of Rs. 28246 and Rs. 29017/ha were significantly more obtained with FYM from maize-wheat system during both year, respectively while, gypsum gave gross income of Rs. 59199 and 60653/ha and net profit Rs. 26479 and Rs. 27933/ha during respective years. In case of fertilizer, significantly maximum equivalent yield of 80.85 and 82.07 q/ha was obtained at 125% fertilizer during first and second year, respectively. The highest gross income of Rs. 63798 and Rs. 64854/ha was achieved with 125% fertilizer while maximum net profit of Rs. 28901 and Rs. 29682/ha was obtained with 100% RDF during first and second year. Therefore, application of FYM @ 5 ton/ha along with 100% RDF proved to be most economic combination of the system as it gave 84.74 and 85.97 q/ha wheat grain equivalent yield and earned maximum net profit of Rs. 30676 and Rs. 31026/ha during both years, respectively.

Country: India