Genetic diversity studies in maize inbreds of eastern uttar pradesh using microsatellite markers Rajesh Singh, Sayan Roy Choudhury

logo.pngGenetic Diversity Studies in Maize Inbreds of Eastern Uttar Pradesh using Microsatellite Markers


Rajesh Singh, Sayan Roy Choudhury

                              Genetics & Plant Breeding, IAS, BHU, Varanasi-221005




In this study a set of eight maize inbred lines were selected so as to analyze the molecular diversity among them using SSR markers. Six out of ten SSR markers employed revealed polymorphism among the genotypes. Polymorphism information content (PIC), ranged from 0.34 to 0.75. The lowest PIC (0.34) was shown by the primer pair bnlg1832 while highest PIC (0.75) was shown by the primer pair bnlg1019. The eight cultivars of maize formed two major clusters in the dendrogram prepared using the dataset generated by SSR profiles.


Key Words: Genetic diversity, maize, inbred lines, SSR markers