Screening of germplasm against A. oligospora on root knot and growth of tomato M Khushwaha, Rajesh Singh, Dan Singh Jakhar

logo.pngScreening of germplasm against A. oligospora on root knot and growth of tomato


M Khushwaha1, Rajesh Singh2, Dan Singh Jakhar2

                               1Mycology and Plant Pathology, IAS, BHU, Varanasi-221005

                              2Genetics and Plant Breeding, IAS, BHU, Varanasi-221005




In the present experiment growth parameter of 40 days old plant under various treatment show significant difference in plant height, fresh shoot wt and root wt of tomato plant. Maximum plant height recorded for the plant treated with A. dactyloides + cow dung manure (CDM) followed by CDM alone. Although plant treated with A. dactyloides alone were slightly taller than those in control, however difference was not significant. A large range of diversity of occurrence of nematophagous fungi in different location. Application of mass culture of A. oligospora in tomato plants decreased root knot disease. The reduction in root knot and nematode population by FYM + mass culture of A. oligospora may only be attributed to increased predacious activity of the fungus in presence of FYM.


Key Words: A. oligospora, Germplasm, Tomato