Development and evaluation of quality protein maize (QPM) hybrids for eastern uttar pradesh Dipti Priya, Lekh Ram, Saket Kumar, Amit Kumar, Dan Singh Jakhar, Rajesh Singh

Development and evaluation of quality protein maize (QPM) hybrids for Eastern Uttar Pradesh


Dipti Priya1, Lekh Ram1, Saket Kumar2, Amit Kumar1, Dan Singh Jakhar1, Rajesh Singh1

1Genetics and Plant Breeding, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU, Varanasi- 221005

2Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, BHU, Varanasi -221005


Received: 19 September 2015                          Revised Accepted: 15 November 2015




This study was conducted with the purpose of developing QPM hybrids for Eastern Uttar Pradesh. In this effort 10 locally adaptable maize inbreds were selected keeping in view of their past history as they were good combiners and exhibited  good heterosis including for QPM traits when they were crossed with adoptable  QPM donors such as CML141,CML193, DMRQPM58, HKI164-7-6, HKI162, CML169, CML176, CML161. About 80 hybrids were developed involving 8 QPM donors and 10 maize inbreds. Out of these eighty hybrids 30 hybrids were selected for their evaluation your yield and yield component in two environments i.e, Rabi as well as Kharif seasons during 2013-14 and 2014-15. In the present study as many six hybrids viz., HUZM185 X CML193, HUZM478 X CML193, V341 X CML141, V341 X HKI162, V341 X DMRQPM58, V335 X CML161, CML141 X CML169 exhibited standard  heterosis  ranging from 20 to 155 percent in  Kharif  as well as Rabi Season.


Key Words: Heterosis, Hybrid, Kharif maize, Non QPM inbreds, QPM, QPM inbreds, Rabi maize