Vol.5 : Number 7
Bio-physical characterization of different aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis L.) germplasm

Author(s): Chetna Gangwar, Pratibha Singh, RN Kewat, RP Singh

Aloe vera has a long history as a medicinal plant with diverse therapeutic applications. Germplsm of Aloe vera used in study

were procured from experimental farm of medicinal and aromatic plant of NDUAT, Kumarganj, Faizabad. This study was

conducted to determine morphological and biochemical character of Aloe vera leaves and leaves gel. Physical and

biochemical characteristics of germplasm revealed that the line IC-112517 showed maximum per cent of leaf weight (168

g) gel content (97.00 per cent) and number of leaves per plant (14 leaves). The germplasm IC-283655 showed maximum

leaf length (48.77 cm) leaf thickness (6.97 cm) and leaf width (9.97 cm). Aloe vera line IC-112527 showed maximum per

cent of carbohydrate (64.20%), total mineral (11.10%) and total sugar content (30.07%). Thus, on the basis of physical and

biochemical analysis of germplasm, the lines IC-112517, IC-283655 and IC-112527 were selected as promising germplasm

among all the germplasm under investigation. Overall this investigation has provided a succinct resume of information

regarding the morphological character and gel content of Aloe vera leaves. It would be worthwhile embarking on an

intensive scientific experimentation and investigation on this valuable medicinal plant and to promote its large scale


Key Words: Aloe vera, Leaf weight Morphological analysis

Country: India